portal leeds learning

Portal leeds learning
The Digital Education Service has worked with academic colleagues to develop a series of discovery modules, available on both Minerva and FutureLearn.
Minerva is the ideal platform to develop learning or training materials for both our students (on campus and distance learning University students) and staff.

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Portal leeds learning
Tutti Frutti 1.pdf – Leeds Learning Portal
Welcome to our first edition of the school’s healthy eating magazine—Tutti Frutti A team of year six journalists have worked as a team to put together some areas in which you may have an interest in. They have tried to cater for all ages so to encourage everyone to contribute to future editions. We are hoping to interview pupils and adults on issues related to healthy eating. If you know any food songs or poems which you would like to be published — meet up with one of the team members and share your ideas. It would be great if parents shared with us cooking tips or interesting recipes or alternative packed lunch ideas which their children enjoy. Send them in via your child addressed to the Y6 Healthy Eating Team. Eating Healthy Inside this issue: Compost Corner Chronicle Healthy Inserts Healthy Lunch Ideas 3 Healthy eating made easier Puzzles/Games Funny Food 8 What’s on your menu? 7 Conclusion 1 2 4 5 6 8




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