bristol university open units

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The University’s Open Units scheme allows students on undergraduate degree programmes the opportunity to broaden their education by undertaking unit/s outside of their subject discipline. Under the scheme single honours students will normally be able to choose to undertake open unit/s of at least 20 credit points across the programme, except where this is not practicable. The year(s) of study in the programme in which a student can undertake open units will be determined by the academic school in which the degree is based.

Bristol university open units
Subjects you can study are:
During the one-year course, you will study a specialist subject alongside study skills units.

The term includes all publicly funded universities and other higher educations institutions (HEIs) in the UK, alternative HE providers (APs) that offer HE courses but do not receive annual public funding, and further education colleges (FECs) in Wales which provide some HE level courses.
We use the umbrella term higher education provider (HE provider) to describe the organisations we collect data from.

The University Air Squadron (UAS) offers a unique chance to sample RAF life. Our main role is to attract ambitious and intelligent students into a career as an RAF officer, but joining us doesn’t necessarily mean you have to join the RAF.
All UASs carry out selection interviews and fitness assessments prior to the candidate joining the squadron. Information on these will be available at recruitment events.



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